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Opens in 6 days!

The Magic Door

5-12 Years

Where endless worlds of wonder await!

The Magic Door is here to engage your pupils aged 4-12 years old with story writing, so the theme is open making it easy to inspire your pupils with something they are interested in or you can easily tailor the resources to your topic.

The colourful worksheets make it easy to get planning and write a story. Where will the magic door take your pupils? Who will they meet? What will they experience?

Stories can be fictional or based on a recount of a real event, set anywhere in time or space, or even a whole new world. Pupils with a creative flair will love the freedom and your more reluctant writers will feel supported by using a familiar topic or recount.

Let's get writing and see where the magic door takes your class...

For every 30 entries you submit you get a free copy of the book your pupils feature in so every participating school receives at least 1 free copy. It's free to enter so get involved today!

You may find this The Magic Door Teacher FAQs blog useful too!

My First Story is also open (for 4-7 year-olds) and uses a story starter and templates if you are looking for a scaffolded writing activity for younger pupils.

Closing date: 21st July 2023.